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Further to the success of Immune Plus, a nutritional supplement for those with HIV, we are frequently approached, for support, by groups and individuals on the African continent. As a small 'natural science R&D organization' we do not have the resources or structure to adequately fund these requests and so this program was established to facilitate independent donations of Immune Plus to those groups. There are many small community support groups in Africa, which provide invaluable motivation and assistance to HIV sufferers in poverty stricken rural areas. These operate outside the resources of the big, and often selective, humanitarian organizations and their achievements are dependent upon outside contribution and the dedicated hard work of their members. 

A small number of these groups are registered with us and we welcome more. We have carefully evaluated and continuously monitor their work as best we can. We look for their active, and persistent, involvement in humanitarian actives for those who are poverty stricken and impacted by HIV. We also strive to ensure that a genuine need for 'Immune Plus nutrition' exists and can be reliably delivered.  

Immune Plus is of significant benefit in HIV affected rural Africa; where malnutrition presents an additional problem beyond disease and infection; where the people are weak yet still need to work; and where the benefits of herbal nutrition can have a very positive physical and spiritual impact.

Donations of 'Immune Plus' are dispatched directly to the donor nominated support group in Africa. The group is then responsible for distributing the supplement, with the consent of local medical professionals, to those in their care.

If you would like to consider making some Immune Plus available through donation then please read on...

A donation of 'Immune Plus' will provide direct benefit to a poor HIV+ve African person, in the context of contributing to reduced physical suffering and improved health quality. Right now someone in a rural African community is weak, malnourished and struggling to overcome the symptoms of HIV and they have no option but to endure. A donation of Immune Plus will contribute to relieving this struggle through the process of nutrition. Importantly Immune Plus will not cause viral resistance to drugs or lifelong dependent or side effects. It will simply provide specific benefical nutrition to support the persons challenge against HIV. For those with an understanding of HIV, you may wish to know that Immune Plus can be used to complement ARV therapy or as a natural alternative where ARV therapy is not available. Thus it will not contradicte any medical regime or cultivate additional health problems overtime.
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The following HIV support groups are registered for donation:
Introduction information provided by Witaba Foundation - Mr. M. L. Witaba - project coordinator

Witaba Foundation is a registered non-profit organization, which operates in Western Kenya. Many people infected and affected with HIV are suffering, most of them are in poor health and lack appropriate nutrition, leading  to further health deteriorating and skin problems. This is why we are requesting for donations of Immune Plus to assist these people to better there lives. Thank you.
Currently supporting 7462 HIV positive people
Alimosho Heart To Heart Foundation
Introduction information provided by Alimosho Heart to Heart Foundation - Ogunniyi Taiwo - Secretary.

Alimosho heart to heart foundation was founded in 2003. It is a small group community  councilling centre for people living with HIV/AIDS who have no proper care and attention. They do not have adequate provisions to support those in need and if you can help the community will appreciate it. Thank you.

Currently supporting 1800 HIV positive people
Donate 2 bottles to provide 1 months supply for 1 adult
(includes humanitarian discounting and delivery charges)
Witaba Foundation Kenya
Alimosho Foundation Nigeria
Donate 4 bottles to provide 2 months supply for 1 adult
(includes humanitarian discounting and delivery charges)
Witaba Foundation Kenya
Alimosho Foundation Nigeria
Donate 6 bottles to provide 3 months supply for 1 adult
(includes humanitarian discounting and delivery charges)
Witaba Foundation Kenya
Alimosho Foundation Nigeria
General contribution towards Immune Plus donation
Witaba Foundation Kenya
Alimosho Foundation Nigeria
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